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Geometric Flower Hair Clip Set

Geometric Flower Hair Clip Set

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Introducing our Geometric Flower Hair Clip Set: Your Hair's New Best Friends!

Get ready to elevate your hairstyle game with our stylish and versatile set of geometric flower hair clips. Whether you're looking to add a touch of flair to your everyday look or make a statement at a special occasion, these clips have got you covered.

✨ Key Features ✨

🌸 Chic and Trendy Design: Each clip features a unique geometric flower design that adds a pop of fun and elegance to any hairstyle.

💁‍♀️ Easy to Use: Simply snap these clips into place for a secure hold that lasts all day long. Say goodbye to hair mishaps and hello to effortless style!

🎉 Versatile Accessory: Perfect for women and girls of all ages, our hair clip set is ideal for daily wear, parties, weddings, and everything in between. Mix and match to create endless looks that reflect your unique personality.

With our Geometric Flower Hair Clip Set, it's never been easier to add a touch of glamour to your locks. Get ready to turn heads and feel fabulous wherever you go!


1. Press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds. When the power indicator shows green light, which means the default low temperature, press the power button again to switch to the high temperature gear. The power indicator shows blue light. Two temperature levels can be switched freely. The warm up time is about 30 seconds after the power is turned on. Starting to use when the color of the temperature sensing silicone strip turns white.

2. Curl the eyelashes from the bottom up and press the bottom of the lash for 3-5 seconds.

3.Gently press the curler on your lashes. Place the curler over the bottom of your top lashes and press it down. And then move the curler upwards over 90 degrees.

4. Hold up the eyelash curler then gently release.

5. Curl Your Lashes: Gently clamp down on your lashes with the curler and hold it in place for a few seconds. Start at the base of your lashes and slowly move the curler upwards towards the tips of your lashes. Avoid holding the curler in one spot for too long to prevent overheating or damaging your lashes.

6. Repeat if Desired: If you want a more pronounced curl, you can repeat the curling process on the same section of lashes or move on to curling another section.

7. When you turn on the power, if the power indicator shows a red light which means low battery. Please use the USB to charge. (It shows the red light while charging, the light turns green when complete.

8. Apply Mascara: For best results, apply mascara after curling your lashes to help hold the curl and add volume and definition.

9. Clean and Maintain: After each use, wipe the heating element of the curler with a clean, dry cloth to remove any residue.

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